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SALT glass offer both human and animal ash inclusion services so that any life form can be memorialised in glass. Including cremated ash into handmade glass is a perfect way to remember a loved one or pet.

SALT glass have for many years offered families a memorial ash glass services and due to its popularity we have now offering this online.

Our expert glassmakers respectfully mix a small amount of cremated ash with a chosen colour glass and encapsulated the ash in the glass to make a wonderful lasting memory.

How to Order


Please select your colour preference from the below when ordering. We then add with a hint of white glass along with the ash you post.


Red (no stock)

If you cannot find the perfect colour choice, please email us to discuss. We also offer Glass bowls and bespoke glass.

Engraving is available, please call for more information. The paperweight can be engraved on the top, bottom or around the side as you prefer.

Each piece is handcrafted and may differ slightly from the image shown. To complete the order go to the checkout process on the website and pay.

Ash Delivery

Please post your ash in a clean plastic bag. We require one heap table spoon amount of ash per glass item. Please then post the ash to SALT glass by Signed for Delivery by Royal Mail or other postal service.

Once we complete the glass making we return the finished glass to you by prepaid  Royal Mail Signed for Delivery. This is a bespoke service so may take up to 6-8 weeks.

Please see Terms & Conditions.

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