Course Booking Instructions

Website Bookings

To prebook courses online, please visit the course shop. Choose and click onto the course page you wish to book. Then use the course’s own calendar to select the date and time slots you wish to book and follow the instructions. When the order has been placed, customers will receive an email with the order and booking notification.

New Booking Enquiry

Please first visit the website course shop or calendar pages to view and choose a courses to book. Then email with the course type, number students, date and time that you wish to book. If you have a detailed enquiry SALT glass can advise further by email or arrange to phone call to discuss further.

Existing Order Enquiry

For existing orders, please email with the order number, course type, number students, date and time that you wish to book. 

Please email with the below information:

1.  Order number

2.  Course type

3.  Number of people attending

4.  Two dates you wish to book

Booking is subject to availability.

Voucher Enquiries

For new enquiries please visit the ‘Gift a Course Voucher ’ page and order online. To redeem the voucher please email with the order number, course type, number students, date and time that you wish to book. Gift a Course orders are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Course Availability

Courses run every week throughout the year. Course bookings are subject to availability and often require advanced booking enquiries. For example short courses require at least 2 – 3 weeks and longer courses require 4-6 weeks advance booking. If you wish to book a specific course date during holiday periods, enquires should be made at least 4 weeks in advance of that preferred date. 

Covid Re-Booking Vouchers

Customers with extended vouchers or previous bookings postponed due to covid will be placed on our Covid Re-Booking Waiting List and offered new booking dates. Course dates will be weekdays predominately on Mondays and Tuesdays 10am – 1pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays evenings from 6-9pm and occasionally on a Sunday 10am – 1pm.  Please email us using the below information.

Customer are required to email with the following:

Email Correspondence

If you have emailed SALT glass and not received a reply, then your email has filtered into spam. Please email again with the order number in the subject heading at

Please read the below covid course booking instructions that all customers will need to adopt.

Teaching glassmaking involves close contact, heat and sharing of tools. Our workshop and course equipment are Covid compliant and the teacher will be wearing a mask or visor and using antibacterial hand gel and sterilised equipment.

It is therefore difficult to mitigate cross contamination by just wearing a mask and sections of the course may involve students removing their mask and blow through glass making iron equipment so again this is why all students are asked to provide a neg LFT. We follow government guidelines, in addition to our own risk assessment and mitigation procedures. We have been advised to continue with LFT while covid positive cases are still very high.

Please read below.

CovidCourse Booking Instruction

Please read the below booking instructions and circulate with your group booking. 

Day of Course – Covid 19 Rapid Lateral Flow Test

  1. On the day of the course and prior to attending, each person must email a negative LFT (rapid lateral flow test). see below.
  2. This is required in line covid testing guidelines and SALT glass assessment due to teaching glass making requires close contact.
  3. Please arrive 5 minutes before the course start time
  4. Wear a face mask and being and use antibacterial hand gel and wipes
  5. Bring your own drinks and refreshments 
  6. There is free parking in front of the workshop and several local cafes.

Order Test

  1. A rapid lateral flow test is a coronavirus test you do yourself. It shows you the result on a handheld device within 30 minutes. 
  2. LFT can be ordered from the link below or from local chemists or libraries or link below at the time of this doc.
  4. If you or family members have any cold or covid like symptoms a week before the course booking date please do regular LFTs and if the LFT is positive at least a week before please email to rebook the course please email  

Report Test Result

  1. It takes approx. 5 mins to perform the test and within 30 mins provides the result which you then report to NHS. 
  2. The NHS reply normally within 5-10 mins email and text the person the result report.
  3. Each person prior to attending the course must email the NHS result to SALT glass –  
  4. Use the NHS service link below:

SALT glass has the right not to provide courses if these instructions are not adopted.

Data protection

Test data results will be treated confidentially under ‘data concerning health’ for the purposes of the GDPR and categorised as ‘Special Category Data’. Special Category Data is subject to additional safeguards. This data will not be used or shared for any purpose, other than if required with the NHS Test and Trace and Public Health England.

Existing Order Email to Book