Sci – Art Glass Project with Dr Dartnell

Sci-Art Project Collaboration with Dr Dartnell (UK Space Agency Research Fellow)

©SALTglassstudios.SciArt Collaboration with astrobiology fellow Dr Lewis Dartnell 9.6.15DSCF7792SALT glass studios are collaborating with Dr Lewis Dartnell (UK Space Agency research Fellow) on a unique Sci- Art project conducting a series of experiments creating glass from 
scratch using local materials from the North Norfolk intertidal coastline including  silica – sand – glasswort – samphire –  chalk.

Drawing from Dr Dartnell’s book ‘The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our World from Scratch’ ( ) and the crucial scientific knowledge and technology to preserve in the event of rebuilding civilisation,  the project is informed by the critical role of glass throughout the history of civilization and in particular for microscopes, refractor telescopes, thermometers, barometer or vacuum tubes.

©SALTglassstudios.SciArt Collaboration with astrobiology fellow Dr Lewis Dartnell 9.6.15 DSCF8065Dr Lewis Dartnell is the UK Space Agency research Fellow;  STFC Science in Society Fellow; Astrobiology journal Senior Editor Dr Dartnell is also an experienced educator and leading space scientist etc

SALT glass are experienced educator on glass art and this unique project draws on an multidisciplinary STEAM approach to gaining a greater understanding of the role and use of glass. A key aim of this unique project will be educational and outreach projects.

For more information contact SALT glass studios  and Dr Lewis Dartnell