Glass Sand Casting Course


Level:    Beginners and Progressers

Tutor:   Max Lamb

Max.      4 people

Price:   £120 per student

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Experience hot glass casting during this introduction to the exciting and very direct method of creating your own solid sculptural forms, textures and impressions in glass. No experience required. Continuing students are welcome.


Students will explore the qualities of cast glass and their own creativity experimenting using found and sculpted objects pressed into sand moulds to enhance colour, form, texture and depth of the glass.


The course will introduce students to the potential of molten glass as a creative material through the process of “Hot” casting, exploring the fundamentals of glass sand-casting, a relatively easy to learn process of pouring molten glass into open face sand moulds.


Glass Casting Course Dates 2015  –  Contact SALT to book a course date
8      February 2015 –  10am – 1pm 15     August  2015 –  10am – 1pm
14    March 2015 –  10am – 1pm 19    September 2015 –  10am – 1pm
18    April 2015 –  10am – 1pm 17    October 2015 –  10am – 1pm
16    May 2015 –  10am – 1pm 14    November  2015  –  10am – 1pm
20    June 2015 –  10am – 5pm 5      December  2015  –  10am – 1pm
18    July 2015 –  10am – 1pm

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Student Comments:

I really enjoyed my time here, it was really fun to make sand casts and I would love to come back soon!”

Following a concise demonstrations, also covering safety and the proper use of tools, students will have hands-on ‘making’ experience focusing on techniques of sand casting, sculptural and relief mould making using clear glass with coloured glass powder inclusions.

Students will be introduced to techniques such as:

  • How to prepare sand moulds
  • How to create simple cast forms, textures and impression in sand moulds
  • How to add coloured powders and inclusions
  • How to pour hot glass into sand mould

Glass Sand Casting

Things to bring for the course: Students can bring in their own objects (approx. 13 cm or smaller) to press/imprint into the sand moulds (e.g. man-made forms, military metals, nautical objects, antique jewellery or organic materials, bark, leaves, pebbles, rocks). Objects will be removed prior to casting).


Students are able to collect glass work after it has cooled down the following day or week or alternatively arrange P&P.




Please see Collection of Glass work and P&P and Preparing for Courses.

For further course details contact SALT or email

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