Bounty of the Burnhams Through Glass Exhibition – Art/Crop/Plant/Memory Project

Art/Crop/Plant/Memory Project: Shared Substances-Imagery-Memories

Bounty of the Burnhams (I) – Art/Crop/Memory Project – © SALT glass studios

SALT are running a series of exhibitions entitled Bounty of the Burnhams Through Glass exploring the Burnham landscape’s diverse crops and food economies, from saffron, grains, fruits, sugar beet, shell fish to samphire and this rich cultural currency which establishes a network of recurring imagery, shared substances and memories within the region. The next Bounty of the Burnhams Through Glass is planned for Summer 2015. Local Farmers, producers and practitioners interested participating this year please contact SALT

Filmed by Award Winning Garrett & Garrett   ©SALTglassstudios

Bounty of the Burnhams (I) – 1 Dec. 2013 – 4 Jan. 2014 Opened by Isabel Vasseur  ArtOffice 

Working closely with Burnham farmers and producers the first exhibition December 2013 – Jan. 2014 examined the revival ofNorfolk Saffron by Dr Sally Francis’ in Burnham Norton, Nina Plumbe’s unique heritage orchards Plumbe & Maufe Farm in Burnham. Overy Town, Jon Brown’s harvested mussels from Burnham Deepdale & Norton Creek and Norfolk’s cornerstone crop, sugar beet in Burnham Deepdale. Farmers and producers include Norfolk Saffron, Plumbe & Maufe Farm and Jon Brown’s Mussels. The exhibition Private View December 2013 was Opened by Isabel Vasseur – ArtOffice, with Gin Garden  creating unique drinks and cocktails  inspired by Burnham crops and plants, Award Winning film company  Garrett & Garrett  collecting guests memories and Unthank Supper Club creating culinary creations inspired by Burnham crops & shellfish.


Norfolk Saffron – Burnham Norton

Saffron was a ‘forgotten crop’, absent from Norfolk for almost 200 years but now thriving again.” Sally Francis Norfolk Saffron

ns frame

Norfolk Saffron grows award-winning, superlative quality, saffron at their smallholding in the Burnham Norton. Potent and flavoursome, Norfolk Saffron threads have a deep red colour and unique provenance. Excellent in sweet and savoury dishes, plus in baking too. Norfolk Saffron also launched in August 2013 the new ‘King Harry’ Orange & Saffron Liqueur inspired by a historical recipe this is delicious as a digestif, in cocktails or added to puddings and is the only fruit and saffron liqueur you’ll see anywhere.

Learn More          @NorfolkSaffron

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The exhibition explores Norfolk Saffron and Sally Francis and her family’s important revival of saffron in the Burnham region.

SALT draw on the role of the ‘Croker’, the saffron grower and the legacy of the women who traditional harvest and gather the saffron crop. Through a series of glass-printed vessels SALT evoke the Croker’s present within the Burnham landscape over the centuries and significantly today drawing from medieval manuscripts and contemporary accounts and imagery.

SALT also focus on the saffron ‘Stigma’, the female organ of the flower, referred to as ‘saffron threads’ which the spice derives. There are only three saffron stigmas per flower and SALT explores the stigma’s rich cultural currency as a spice through a series of glass-printed Pestle and Mortars.

Plumbe & Maufe Farm  –  Burnham Overy Town

“Memories of Dad and trees are huge. The orchard planting was exciting on the farm…diversification  in the 1970’s. Later, when I came to run the farm the orchard was that step too far but gradually I got it under my wing so to speak. The irony of my surname and plums was not lost on me and I realised the selling feature usefulness of it.! I am proud of how the orchard has evolved. Its a lovely place to work in, and I enjoy days amongst the trees.”   Nina Plumbe, P&M Farm

nplogoi 2222image

P.M.Farming The Leith House Plum Orchard was planted by Garry Maufe between 1976 and 1978 and is now run by his daughter Nina Plumbe. The orchard has almost 3,000 plum trees with over 35 different varieties, probably the most varied dedicated plum orchard in the country. The orchard fields are overlooked by a Tumulu excavated some years ago and a chieftain was found. The plums ripen over a period of about two months from mid July with the first variety Hermans, until mid September when we finish with Coe’s Golden Drop and  Anna Spath.  Learn More  — @pmfarming

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glass nina

Drawing from unique access to the family’s Diary which documents from 1978, Garry Maufe’s personal account of the orchard’s evolution over thirty five years from recording weather, harvesting to flowering cycle, SALT navigate across generations of farmers at P.M.Farming and Leith House Plum Orchards’s unique legacy in preserving some of the rarest varieties of apples, plums and pears in the UK today.

Jon Brown –  Burnham Deepdale and Norton Creek

bc and image finalJon is an experienced local shell-fisherman and conservationist and has harvested mussels for many years along the tidal creeks and channels of the Burnham Deepdale and Norton Creek. Jon knows the coastal and offshore waters well having spent twenty years in the shell fishing industry based in Brancaster Harbour.

Jon now runs Brantcruise and provides unique boat trips with his unique insight drawn from the last fifty years of the marshland and coastline including Scots Head Island. Learn more

mussel bb

SALT met Jon at our gallery when he was viewing sand cast glass mussels and oysters and we were immediately inspired by Jon’s wealth of expertise of shellfish species and Burnhams fishing communities’ cultures and legacy in the region. SALT explores through sand glass castings of seashell forms and fishing equipment associated with the living legacy of mussel harvesting associated with Burnham Deepdale and Norton creeks.

Gin Garden

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Gin Garden will create and offer guests unique drinks and cocktails drawn from the Bounty‘ explored in the exhibition including Burnham’s rich produce of apples, plums, quince, blackberries and saffron! 

Gin Garden’s  drinks are a heady mix of autumnal fruits, spices and foraged berries and hips and they will be adding aromatic waters of quince and ginger, tinctures of spice, hawthorn and rosehip together with home-made syrups and cordials to create truly memorable drinks to stir the senses.

Gin Garden host gin experiences which educate, entertain and stimulate the senses! Working with local distilleries, complementing the botanicals of their gin and liqueurs with local herbs, fruits and flowers, Gin Garden collect ingredients from local artisan producers and small businesses to make each of their drinks unique to the area they are created!   –    @GinGarden

Garrett and Garrett


Basic logo transparentSlow mo camera

Garrett and Garrett will explore collecting  sensory- memories from the exhibition!

Garrett and Garrett are awardees of numerous British film festivals including HELD and FilmPoem Festival. Garrett and Garrett are a brother and sister videography team based in London with a passion for filming the visual arts, creative processes, promotional videos, animations and events, illustrating their clients’ character with concise content and artistic imagery.    –   @Garrett_video

Unthank Supper Club

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Unthank Supper Club will create and offer guests an array of unique culinary dishes inspired by the Burnham crops and shellfish explored in the Bounty of the Burnhams exhibition.

Unthank Supper Clubare a creative husband and wife team. Yusuf a professional chef and Clarissa a designer, events organiser and very good cook. Unthank Supper Club run regular supper clubs in Norfolk, Suffolk, Devon and London.   –   @UnthankSupper

Lydia Swann  (Artist – Graduate Visual Art, NUA)


Lydia spent the summer working as a “Picker” of the plums and apples orchards of Plumbe & Maufe Farm in Burnham Overy Town. Lydia’s is an artist and with a fascination with glass also gained experience as intern with SALT over the summer.

Drawing on the underlying concepts of the exhibition SALT invited Lydia to create a glass piece for the exhibition capturing her role in the orchard as a “Picker”.


Percentage of Tickets Proceeds for Friends of Burnham Market Primary School

SALT’s private view with be opened by  Isabel Vasseur, Director of Art Office a pioneering organisation of the Public Art movement in the UK and use of the Arts Council’s Works of Art in Public Places.Isabel has also been Visual Arts Co-coordinator for the Glasgow Garden Festival and National Garden Festival in Gateshead, Senior Visual Arts Officer for the Arts Council of Great Britain, curated Lux Europae, Visiting Lecturer on Public Art and Commissions Management at the Royal College of Art, Advisory Panel and is a trustee of the Baltic Gallery, Gateshead and winner of the Arts Council British Gas Working for Cities award. Isabel has also curators UK exhibitions and amongst many recently Cley 12 in N. Norfolk. Learn More

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