Glass Blowing Spheres – Bauble Course Summary

Glass Blowing Spheres – Bauble Course

good b3 _edited-2Level:   Beginners and Progressers

Price:   £20 per student (approx. 15/20 minutes per booking)

Max:     4 people per hour

Tutor:   Max Lamb & Fiona Wilkes

Catch your breath by blowing glass to create a unique glass sphere or bauble as gift or for yourself!  Students can choose two colours and create their own ball under the experienced tutor and glass artist Max Lamb. No experience required. All ages welcome, suitable from five years of age, individuals, family or groups.


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Students Comments:

‘It was really nice to make my own baubles rather than buying one, great experience and it was fun to make my own!” (Ms Markland)

  • “Brilliant taster course for two small boys” (Mackechnie-Jarvis Family)
  • “Fantastic and creative family experience thank you!” (Hayward Family)


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fffGB.DSCF3443SALT glass studios©2014, Glass.13 Bauble Course Ladie Circle 25.03.14.j

2.©SALT glass studios. Hand Blown Glass Spheres. Orange & Sliver Blue Lustre Opaque.DSCF56539.©SALT glass studios. Hand Blown Glass Spheres. Emerald Green & Cobalt Blue Transparent.X.DSCF5603

4. ©SALT glass studios. Hand Blown Glass Spheres. Pink  & Blue Transparent. DSCF55735.©SALT glass studios. Hand Blown Glass Spheres.Red Green  & Yellow Transparent. DSCF5595

Students Work: Students are able to collect glass work after it has cooled down the following day or week or alternatively arrange for P&P.

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