CLEY14 Exhibition – NNEP Education – Burnham Market Primary School ©SALTglassstudios.CLEY14NNEP.ED.BMPS.DSCF9023

Students observing Sand Glass Casting Demonstration – ©SALT glass studios


Students Glass Casts Art Installation Cley14 Beach ©SALT glass studios

CLEY14 Exhibition – Burnham Market Primary School – SALT Education

Curator Polly Binns and NNEP –

Burnham Market Primary School –

‘A Sustained Conversation With Materials’


Students Glass Casts – ©SALT glass studios 

Funded by the Arts Council and The Eridge Trust, CLEY14 Art Exhibition and North Norfolk Exhibition Project (NNEP) invited SALT glass studios to work with Burnham Market Primary School to explore the theme of the CLEY14 exhibition, ‘A Sustained Conversation With Materials’.

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SALT glass studios’ artwork for CLEY14’s exhibition examines the meeting ground between glass and print languages drawing from Norfolk’s intertidal coastline of marine life, filtering systems and organic materials which establish recurring imagery within this environment.

20.SALT glass studios©Mytilus Filter Series Sand Cast Glass.Contemporay Glass Society Exh.2014 .2014

©SALT glass studios

The educational project aims to foster this ‘conversation’ between SALT glass and Burnham Market Primary School over June and July including:

  • Studio Visit – Students visit to SALT glass to create glass sand cast
  • School Visit – SALT glass studio Dr Fiona Wilkes & Max Lamb Visit the school
  • Exhibition Visit – Students visit CLEY14 exhibition with curator Poll Binns & SALT 

Studio Visit – Students visit  SALT to create glass sand cast



Studio Visit 02.06.14: The studio visit introduced students to the exciting potential of glass as a creative material through the process of casting glass into open face sand moulds. Students were asked to consider the relationship between the landscape, objects collected and the transformation of materials through glass sand casting processes. Sand glass casting is an exciting and direct method of creating solid sculptural forms in glass from organic or man-made objects found in the landscape.


Students Glass Casts – ©SALT glass studios

Students created their own sand moulds using organic or manmade objects they have collected from the local landscape before or during the walk to SALT glass studios. Students explored their creativity using the collected objects by pressing them into sand moulds to examine the form and textured qualities of the objects and their transformation through glass casting process.

The students engaged extremely well learning new skills and concepts regarding the use of materials in creating a series of unique glass sand casts.

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Students Glass Casts – ©SALT glass studios

B.©SALTglassstudios.CELY13.ED.BMPS DSCF9170

Students Glass Casts – ©SALT glass studios


Students Glass Casts Installation Cley Beach-©SALT glass studios

Exhibition Visit – ‘Creative Conversations’ 10/07/14

The exhibition visit to Cley14 involved a guide and discussions with students from Burnham Market Primary School with the artists Max Lamb and Fiona Wilkes and the curator Curator Polly Binns.


Students Exploring Cley14 Exhibition ©SALT glass studios
Students explored the exhibition artworks and considered the use of different materials and art processes used by artists.

The students engaged with exhibition and artists work with excellent questions and refections linked to the creative conversation drawn from the previous Studio and School Visits.

Students Exploring Cley14 Exhibition ©SALT glass studios

Students also were asked to installed temporary art installations of their Glass Art Work on Cley Beach and St Margaret’s Church. The students worked very well collaboratively enhancing their creative conversation working together to create two specific art works in two very different and challenging sites.


Students Glass Casts Art Installation Cley14 Beach ©SALT glass studios


Students Glass Casts Installation St Margaret’s Church ©SALT glass studios

School Visit – SALT glass studio 

©SALTglassstudios.Glass Sand Cast Temp Exh.BMPS.Cley14.NEEPIMG_0643

Students Glass Casts Installation at BMPS ©SALT glass studios

Drawing from the studio visit, students participated in a collaborative  ‘talk’ with Max and Fiona on CLEY14 and SALT’s art practice at Burnham Market Primary School.

©SALTglassstudios.Glass SALT.VISIT SCHOOL.Exh.BMPS.Cley14.NEEP.IMG_0625

SALT glass studios discussing CLEY14 and student glass work at BMPS ©SALT glass studios

Following a 20 minute overview and visuals presentation by Max Lamb and Fiona Wilkes on CLEY14 exhibition, different types of artists exhibiting and Max and Fiona’s art practice and work for Cley14, the visit focused on students experience of collecting different objects from the landscape, the objects transformation through the sand glass casting process and reviewing student’s completed glass work eg transformation of materials.

The students encompassed this school visit well, questioning their own understanding of different art practices, the role and use of different materials and more broadly reflecting on the role of the artists in society!

©SALTglassstudios.Glass Sand Cast Temp Exh.BMPS.Cley14.NEEP.IMG_0639

Student glass work at BMPS ©SALT glass studios

SALT glass studios enjoyed working with BMPS’s students who engaged extremely well on all levels throughout the project and with the underlying theme of the project ‘A Creative Conversation’ with the artists Dr Fiona Wilkes and Max Lamb (RCA) and the curator Polly Binns.

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