Norwich Fusing & Embossing Course 2019 10am – 5pm


Level: Beginners and progresses

Price: £120 pp

Maximum availability: 6 people per session (approx 5 hours per session)



Suitable for beginners and the more experienced, this  introductory course in fusing is designed to explore  glass fused design using the inclusion of glass sheets, frit/ powder, copper and ceramic fibre paper to create intricate fused and embossed relief forms, textures and designs.

Students will learn how to cut coloured glass and use ceramic fibre papers to carve and emboss into the glass and use colour frits powders and copper inclusion to create unique designs ready for kiln fusing.

The work produced will be fired in a kiln for several days.  Materials and equipment will be provided. Additional glass can be purchased to demand and depending of scale of work.

Things to bring for the course: Bring your own ideas, sketches or patterns to start working from.


Course Bookings

Booking course dates and times are subject to availability and may alter. The booking time is an approximate time and may be subject to change due to availability and the hand made glass-making processes which may run slighter over.

We recommend you arrive on the hour to watch a demonstration or at least arrive 5 minutes before the booking time. Please see Terms & Conditions.

Glass work can be collected the following day once cooled down. Alternatively P&P can be arranged 

Clink links Collection of Glass Work and P&P  and Preparing for Courses for further  course information.

SALT’s Gift Vouchers for Glassmaking Courses make a fantastic gift

For further course details contact SALT or email

Please see Terms & Conditions.

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